Our Sustainable Business Philosophy On Protecting The Environment.

env1Our paper packaging products are biodegradable and non toxic. In addition, Uni Dil adheres strictly to environmental protection and health and safety standards to minimise environmental and social impacts of manufacturing. All possible measures are taken to prevent environmental pollution. Waste water, ink, and glue waste, are treated to national environmental safety standards before disposal. The treated waste water is re-used as irrigation water to maintain the factory grounds. Many initiatives have been introduced to reduce consumption of electricity and furnace oil. We invest in continuous improvement through annual internal evaluations, on environmental impacts of our operations.


Environmental Policy

"We are a part and partial of the environment. We use natural resources to cater the needs of the mankind. Hence we are committed to prevent the environment pollutions and developed natural resources for the benefits of the nature on continual basis.

In this endeavor, we are committed to meet and exceed all relevant legal requirements to protect the environment as one of our basic responsibility."