ceo Over the past decade Uni Dil has experienced rapid growth by increasing the manufacturing capacity for corrugated packaging. In fact, our capacity expansion over the last decade has outpaced the national corrugated carton industry growth several times. We have also diversified into the production of paper sacks. In June 2013, Royal Ceramic (RCL), a subsidiary of the diversified Vallibel One Group, acquired Lanka Ceramic, the parent company of Uni Dil. Accordingly, Uni Dil is currently a member of the Vallibel One Group, which is one of Sri Lanka’s largest conglomerates. This new business platform provides many opportunities for growth and in the coming years we plan to continue our expansion to meet the demand for high quality environmentally friendly packaging.

Our state-of-the-art Japanese technology, highly trained and experienced staff, and customer oriented business philosophy guarantees the best value-for-money packaging solutions in the country. We have implemented many quality and productivity management tools, such as balanced score card, 6 sigma, TQM, TPM, 5S, Kai-zen, Quality Circles to ensure product quality.

In addition, we support our customers by providing consistently high quality products that can be customized to specific requirements at the most competitive rates also delivered on time. One of the greatest advantages for Uni Dil customers is our deadline oriented attitude. We have the capacity to meet extremely short delivery dates on time. This ensures that our clients are able to meet their shipment and delivery dates, preventing losses due to delays. The cordial employee-management relations at Uni Dil makes our operations extremely secure and steady, which in turn makes us a highly stable business partner.

Currently our customer base comprises businesses from all types of industries, supplying to the local market and also for export markets. These customers represent all major domestic industries such as tea, apparel, agriculture, food and beverage, rubber and cement. Our business is based on a sustainable growth philosophy that attempts to minimize environmental impacts and fosters employee welfare and community development.

Experience our services and feel the difference.

Don Bannet Gamalath